ACCT250 Auditing

Department of Business Studies: Accounting

I. Course Number and Title
ACCT250 Auditing
II. Number of Credits
3 credits
III. Number of Instructional Minutes
IV. Prerequisites
ACCT106 (C or better) or permission of the Department of Business Studies
V. Other Pertinent Information
VI. Catalog Course Description
This course provides a presentation of current audit practices for audit decision making and evidence accumulation. This course emphasizes the understanding of the audit objectives, the audit risks, the audit decisions to be made, the appropriate audit evidence, and audit reports.
VII. Required Course Content and Direction
  1. Course Learning Goals

    Students will:

    1. describe the financial auditing environment and various assurance services;
    2. demonstrate an understanding of the regulation and control of CPA firms through ethical standards and legal responsibilities of auditors;
    3. examine auditors' and management's responsibilities, audit objectives, and general concepts of evidence accumulation;
    4. examine various aspects of audit planning including risk assessment and auditor's responsibilities for detecting fraud;
    5. summarize and integrate audit planning and audit evidence; and
    6. prepare audit reports.
  2. Planned Sequence of Topics and/or Learning Activities

    1. audit and other assurance services
    2. the CPA profession
    3. audit reports
    4. professional ethics
    5. legal liability
    6. audit responsibility and objectives
    7. audit evidence
    8. audit planning and analytical procedures
    9. materiality and risk
    10. section 404 audits of internal control and control risk
    11. overall audit plan and audit program
  3. Assessment Methods for Course Learning Goals

    The assessment of course learning goals will be based on exams, assignments, papers, performance based tasks, comprehensive project, and/or instructor evaluation.
  4. Reference, Resource, or Learning Materials to be used by Student:

    See course syllabus for required textbook and any related materials.

Review/Approval Date - 5/99; Revised 3/05; Revised 12/2011: New Core 8/2015