OADM126 Word Perfect

Department of Business Studies: Office Administration

I. Course Number and Title
OADM126 Word Perfect
II. Number of Credits
3 credits
III. Minimum Number of Instructional Minutes Per Semester
IV. Prerequisites
V. Other Pertinent Information
This course is offered only in the TOTAL Lab.
VI. Catalog Course Description
This course is designed for students who wish to learn the practical applications of the most recent version of WordPerfect. Emphasis is placed on mastering word processing functions, including creating, saving, using tools, formatting, and retrieving documents.
VII. Required Course Content and Direction
  1. Learning Goals:

    1. Course
    2. Students will
      1. demonstrate an understanding of software application skills to produce and format business documents such as letter, memos, and reports;
      2. prepare documents requiring special features, including headers, footers, footnotes, and endnotes;
      3. demonstrate an understanding of word processing support features such as Spell and AutoCorrect, Thesaurus, Grammar Check; and
      4. develop documents such as announcements and newsletters using WordPerfect software.

    3. Core (if applicable)
    4. This course is not included in the Core.
  2. Planned Sequence of Topics and/or Learning Activities:

    1. creating, saving, and printing WordPerfect documents
    2. editing a document
    3. formatting text
    4. formatting documents
    5. managing documents
    6. changing documents
    7. changing fonts
    8. using writing tools
    9. manipulating tabs
    10. creating headers and footers and footnotes and endnotes
    11. manipulating text
    12. creating and formatting tables
    13. merging documents
    14. formatting with special features
    15. presenting text using special features
    16. inserting graphics
    17. creating graphic elements
  3. Assessment Methods for Core Learning Goals:

    1. Course
    2. The assessment of course learning goals is based on objective tests and performance based tasks or projects.

    3. Core (if applicable)
    4. This course is not included in the Core.
  4. Reference, Resource, or Learning Materials to be used by Students:

    See course format.
VIII. Teaching Methods Employed
Section VIII is not being used in new and revised syllabi as of 12/10/08.

Review/Approval Date - 5/04; Revised 1/2010