OADM104 Formatting with MS Word

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I. Course Number and Title
OADM104 Formatting with MS Word Course No Longer Offered
II. Number of Credits
2 credits
III. Minimum Number of Instructional Minutes Per Semester
IV. Prerequisites
OADM101 (C or better)
V. Other Pertinent Information
OADM101 plus OADM104 may be used in OADM programs in lieu of OADM140.
This course is offered only in the TOTAL Lab.
VI. Catalog Course Description
This course is designed for students wishing to increase keyboarding speed and accuracy. Primary emphasis is placed on proper formatting techniques for preparation of letters, reports, tables, and memos using Microsoft Word software with a minimum speed of 30 wpm for course completion.
VII. Required Course Content and Direction
  1. Learning Goals:

    1. Course
    2. Students will
      1. complete on a keyboard typing tests at a minimum of 30 wpm on a five-minute straight copy timed writing with no more than one error per minute;
      2. apply proper formatting procedures and accurately keyboard business and personal letters, tables, memos, bound and unbound reports, and bibliographies;
      3. demonstrate the ability to proof and edit all documents for proper hyphenation, capitalization, spelling, word usage and punctuation; and
      4. interpret proofreaders' marks properly when working from rough draft copy.

    3. Core (if applicable)
    4. This course is not included in the Core.
  2. Planned Sequence of Topics and/or Learning Activities:

    1. orientation to Microsoft Word
    2. bound and unbound reports
      1. reports with side headings
      2. multiple page reports
      3. reports with citations and special pages
    3. letters
      1. business letters with envelopes
      2. personal business letters
      3. modified block letters with enumerations
    4. tables
    5. memos
    6. employment documents
  3. Assessment Methods for Core Learning Goals:

    1. Course
    2. The assessment of course learning goals is based on:
      1. keying a timed writing with a minimum of 30 wpm on a five-minute straight copy with no more than one error per minute; and
      2. producing properly formatted business letters, memorandums, reports and tables using Microsoft Word.

    3. Core (if applicable)
    4. This course is not included in the Core.
  4. Reference, Resource, or Learning Materials to be used by Students:

    See course format.
VIII. Teaching Methods Employed
Section VIII is not being used in new and revised syllabi as of 12/10/08.

Review/Approval Date - May 2004; Revised 01/2010; Revised 4/2013; Archived 9/2014