COMT140 Children's Theatre

Department of The Arts: Performance Arts

I. Course Number and Title
COMT140 Children's Theatre
II. Number of Credits
3 credits
III. Number of Instructional Minutes
IV. Prerequisites
V. Other Pertinent Information
VI. Catalog Course Description
This course examines the dramatic structure, audience needs, directing, and acting techniques that are employed in the production of theater for children. Practical and creative applications of scene design, costumes, make-up, and lighting are among the topics studied in the preparation of the final production.
VII. Required Course Content and Direction
  1. Course Learning Goals

    Students will be able to

    1. recognize the concepts of theater produced especially for children;
    2. demonstrate an understanding of the expectations of elementary and secondary audiences;
    3. identify the processes of directing, acting, and designing for young audiences; and
    4. produce, on a simplistic level, a production for a young audience.
  2. Planned Sequence of Topics and/or Learning Activities

    1. Creative drama and children's play production
    2. Message plays for elementary and secondary audiences
    3. Creating a production plan
    4. Understanding the performance space
    5. Rehearsals and acting
    6. Set/Costumes/Make-up/Lighting
    7. Music/Choreography
    8. Adapting/Writing a play
    9. Encouraging student creativity
    10. Sidelines of puppetry, dance, improv
  3. Assessment Methods for Course Learning Goals

    1. Attendance and critique of a live production designed for young audiences
    2. Discussion and quizzes on textbook and/or readings from class
    3. Participation in classroom activities and exercises
    4. Self- and peer evaluations of class projects
  4. Reference, Resource, or Learning Materials to be used by Student:

    1. Textbook: See course syllabus
    2. Supplemental materials by instructor (Optional)

Review/Approval Date - 6/99; Revised 11/09; New Core 8/2015