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About Our Campaign

Bucks County Community College students are in urgent need of support to overcome the emerging barriers that are interfering with their ability to meet their basic needs and continue their education.

We believe that education improves lives. We want to see our students continue on the path they started when they chose Bucks as their college. That is why Bucks County Community College is establishing the Bucks Student Emergency Fund.

Students are struggling with:
  • Job loss‌
  • Technology issues
  • Transportation issues
  • Buying groceries
  • Homelessness

When I graduated high school, I was unprepared for the real world. I applied to and was accepted at a four-year university in Philadelphia and made the unwise decision to commute. Suffice it to say, that did not go well. Over the course of the next few years, I took some college courses at Bucks in Newtown and Bristol. As I now had a full-time job, these classes were mostly in the evenings. I enjoyed the classes, but I would hardly say I was pursuing my degree.

Eventually, I took my first distance learning class through Bucks Online. It was a great fit for me. The classes were enriching and, since I could work on them around my schedule and save the time traveling to campus, they were convenient. Eventually, I finished my associate’s degree at Bucks, and then went on to get two bachelor’s degrees from other colleges – both online.

Today, I am a proud alumnus of Bucks, and I am honored to be the assistant director of the foundation at the college. When COVID-19 became a part of our world, and staff and students had to adapt to working away from our campuses, I thought of my time as a Bucks Online student. I thought of the students who would now have to refit their studies to virtual learning. Although Bucks had a large online student body already, many students, understandably enjoy the in-person, on-campus learning experience. Distance Learning may seem like a “second-choice” or a substandard substitute. I can say from experience, it is not. My classes online were rigorous, robust, and enjoyable. My online learning experience that began at Bucks changed my life personally and professionally.

I hope all Bucks students now working remotely have a similar experience, and approach their remote classes with the same vigor and enthusiasm that they would approach their in-person classes at the start of this semester. I am a true believer in distance learning, but I know firsthand that you need to have the right tools to do it well; tools like a reliable computer. So I am very pleased to announce that Penn Community Bank and Bucks County Community College Foundation are working together to raise funds for Bucks students now learning remotely.

Penn Community Bank has challenged us to raise $10,000 by October 1, 2020. If we are successful, they will match those funds dollar-for-dollar. This $20,000 in funds will help the college provide laptop computers to students who need them at a greatly reduced price. We are truly grateful for Penn Community Bank’s commitment to Bucks students. I am confident that our community can come together to raise the funds we need to capitalize on this great opportunity.

As the new Fall 2020 Semester gets underway, I wish Bucks students great success as they begin, or continue, their educational journey. Congratulations on keeping on course under difficult circumstances. I am confident your remote learning will be valuable and will serve you well.

Andrew States '04
Assistant Director Foundation and Alumni Relations
Bucks County Community College

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