My Bucks Story

Laurel Strickland is a dual enrollment music major at Bucks. Instead of taking AP music theory at her local high school, she was able to get a head start on her musical education at Bucks.


dan horn

I think it was a mixture of the fact that the professors were so great, and that I was so young and willing to learn. I definitely walked away with a lot of knowledge and felt extremely prepared for when I went elsewhere.
-Dan Horn '08

Ed Barbetto

Everybody just gathered and talked openly with one of the marketing professors about which direction we wanted to go and that was actually really beneficial.
-Ed Barbetto '12

Sharon Spatucci

At 25, I found myself suddenly divorced and having to figure out what I wanted to do with the rest of my life. I thought, ‘I’m never going to be able to do this,’ but then I heard that Bucks had a culinary arts program.
-Sharon Spatucci '02

Stefani Johnson

Bucks was a great starting point; convenient in terms of location and resources. The professors were very available and knew who I was. Classes were small to medium sized, so I was not just a face in the crowd.
-Stefani Johnson '17

Glenn Bostock

Your primary job is to get the tools to get you through life, just know that it's a building block for your life.
-Glenn Bostock '81

Connie Furman

Once I started Bucks—once you get through your first semester, it empowers you for the next venture. What I was exposed to at Bucks slowly got me out of that shell that I was in.
-Connie Furman '91

Lynn Kelleher

it seemed easier going back when I was a little bit older, things just made sense. To me they weren’t just abstract theories, it was much more meaningful when I knew what I wanted to do. I benefited so much.
-Lynne Kelleher '81

Brad Quinnan

I never thought I'd enjoy forecasting needs. I like that about my job, it doesn't limit my job to just brewing and the skills I'm learning are transferable.
-Brad Quinnan '16