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Resources, news, and policies for Bucks students during the socially-distanced Spring 2021 semester.

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Spring Info

⁣⁣Students enrolled in designated hands-on courses will be granted limited access to campus.

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Campus Health & Safety Plan

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Laptop Discount Program

For a limited time, Bucks County Community College is offering students currently enrolled in Fall 2020 or Spring 2021 credit courses an opportunity to purchase certain college-approved laptops at a $250 discount via our bookstore. Students who wish to purchase a discounted laptop through this program must use the link provided on this page to view their options and make their purchase. Eligible students must select “Book Store Vouchers” at Checkout and enter their Bucks student ID number when prompted to apply their discount.

Only Cinema/Video Students need to buy the more expensive Apple laptop and should check with their professor before purchasing.

Questions? Email bucks@bkstr.com
The terms of this discount are subject to change without notice and this program will end once all allocated funds have been disbursed. Students who elect to purchase a discounted laptop under this program must be prepared to pay for the remainder of the cost utilizing their own funds. Students receiving financial aid may not use their award toward the purchase of a discounted laptop under the terms of this program.

What we're doing this semester

Increased Campus Presence

It’s our intention to grow the number of students that can safely meet in person for instruction this upcoming fall term. We will still be offering a wide range of remote and hybrid learning options to fit your needs and lifestyle.

In-Person Clubs & Sports

Student activities such as athletics and on-campus clubs will resume, while also observing the appropriate health and safety precautions. Our Early Learning Center will also be open for any student wishing to utilize their childcare services.

Social Distancing

We will continually monitor the situation in our area, consult the latest guidance from the CDC, and observe safety protocols. Our campus health and safety guidelines may change over time as the public health situation evolves.

Increased Sanitization

Deep cleaning and sanitization will occur frequently and thoroughly throughout campus. In addition, we strongly encourage students to wash their hands frequently and make use of the plentiful hand sanitizing stations that will be set up.

Face Coverings

In addition to increased sanitization and social distancing measures, our campus will require face coverings at all times. If you do not have a CDC-approved face covering to use while on campus, one will be provided to you by Bucks.


Any person who feels unwell should not come to campus. Any person diagnosed with COVID-19 should stay home and report their exposure to us.



Remote (synchronous) courses will use technology like Zoom for classes at designated times, as listed in the schedule. This means classes include regular, virtual class meetings where students can interact with instructors and fellow classmates. Classes previously designated hybrid or face-to-face will have a virtual meeting component that is outlined in the course syllabus. It may be all class time or a portion of the scheduled time, with the remaining learning time online.


Online (asynchronous) classes are taught using a Learning Management System (LMS) like Canvas. All materials are shared via this tool. These classes do not include a virtual meeting format. Designated meeting times are not required and all work can be done virtually. Online courses do have deadlines for submitting completed work and taking quizzes and exams; they are not self-paced.


Zoom is a cloud platform for video, voice, content sharing, and chat that runs across mobile devices, desktops, telephones, and room systems. If your courses have a synchronous remote component. they are likely to use Zoom or another similar technology.


Canvas is the Learning Management System (LMS) that Bucks uses. An LMS is a software application for the administration, documentation, tracking, reporting, automation and delivery of educational courses, training programs, or learning and development programs.

What do the course modality codes mean?

N/B/U  (N = Newtown, B = Bristol, U = Upper) 100% in-person – classes meeting fully on a campus without an online component

(H = Hybrid) – classes meeting on a campus part of the time with an online, asynchronous component (for example, meet only Tuesdays from 9:25-10:40)

M – (M = mixed modality) classes meeting part of the time synchronously using a digital component (using a tool such as Zoom) and a balance of online, asynchronous learning

T – (T = technology) classes meeting all of the time synchronously using a digital component (using a tool such as Zoom)

HT – (HT = Hybrid Technology) classes meeting on a campus part of the time (for example, meet only Tuesdays from 9:25-10:40) with an online, synchronous component (for example, meet only Thursdays from 9:25-10:40)

E – (E = eLearning) fully asynchronous online learning

(C = Community sites)

HY – (HY = Hyflex) In a hyflex class, the faculty member conducts simultaneous instruction with a group of face-to-face students and a group of students remotely using a digital component (such as Zoom).  Students attend one day on campus and one day remotely. 

Campus Requirements

All campus safety protocols must be followed until further notice.

Campus Guidelines

Coronavirus Update

To ensure the health and wellness of our entire college community as local COVID cases rise, we ask students to adhere to the protocol outlined in the College Health & Safety Plan.

All students that fall into the following categories should complete this form to self-report for a positive COVID test and/or exposure:

  • Have been in contact with someone who tested positive for COVID
  • Tested positive for COVID themselves
  • Traveled outside of the state to one requiring quarantine, based on the PA website

Report Exposure

10x10 Podcast / Season 3

A 10x10 room, 10 episodes, 10 minutes each. Welcome to the 10x10 podcast where we explore topics as varied as Taylor Swift’s day in court to personal branding to speed networking. Listen & learn with us.

Quick Certificates

Interested in propelling your career forward or in a new direction? Bucks offers a series of certificates that can help prepare you for a variety of different jobs. From Computer hardware to digital marketing, Bucks can take you somewhere new - fast. Depending on the program, certificate requirements may be completed in as little as one semester. All required courses in certificate programs focus on developing occupational skills. Credits earned in a certificate program may be applied toward an associate degree.

= 100% online