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Bucks has 7 Academic Departments, each with a wide variety of Degree & Certificate Programs.



Bucks offers an extensive array of services to our students, such as counseling, at no additional cost.


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Stay Close. Go Far.

As we all cope with the public health crisis, we want to show you a sample of the college we call simply, "Bucks." Bucks is where academic achievement is made possible, where careers are launched, where we proudly transfer students to 4-year universities near and far, and where we keep debt low but meet expectations that are high.


October Parents Night In

If you have a graduating senior at home, your child might be thinking about what's next. College? Near or Far? Often a difficult decision, this year has its own set of challenges, so please zoom in to learn more about your option close to home.

What kind of student are you?

  • Adult Students Age 25+

    "Back-to-School" is not just for kids, it's for adults, too. Whether you are 25 or 45 or older, going to college can have different challenges from someone just out of high school. At Bucks, our goal is to help you start and succeed in a college environment. Whether coming to Bucks to jumpstart your career or for your own enrichment, your goal is our goal.

    Who are "non-traditional" students?
    Students who left high school a few or more years ago are considered non-traditional. Older, more mature, probably paying their own way through college (and possibly paying for their children's education, too!), non-traditional learners have a desire to learn and life experience that can benefit them in their continuing studies.

    Why should you go to college?
    To learn new skills, to seek new jobs, to increase earning potential - all of these can be achieved with an advanced education. You might want to earn your college degree, in areas such as Business Administration, Computer Science, or Criminal Justice. Or you might want to explore a new area simply for your own personal enrichment. We offer more than 75 programs of study and hundreds of courses.

    Step 1: Apply

    Step 2: Placement

    Step 3: Advising, Registration, & Orientation

    Step 4: Financial Aid & Payment

  • Guest & Non-Degree Students

    If you are a student at another college or university and want to earn credits to transfer to your home institution, you are a guest student or a non-degree seeking student.

    Step 1: See Your Home Advisor: Get advised at your home institution to find out what courses will meet your transfer requirements.

    Step 2: Apply to Bucks.

    Step 3: Orientation Exemption: Guest students are NOT required to attend a New Student or Orientation event.

    Step 4: Submit Prerequesite Waivers if needed.

    Step 5: Register for Courses.

    Step 6: Pay your Bill.

  • International Students

    Legal Permanent Residents: Those students who are legal permanent residents, in immigrant status, need only supply a copy of their government documentation, such as a green card or other document which proves their legal status. This can be scanned and emailed to

    Students wishing to study under the F-1 Visa: Please visit

    F-1 Guest Students: Those students holding an F-1 Visa from another institution and seeking to enroll in a Bucks course should first apply to the college using the international application. Next, send a copy of your visa, and unless enrolling in a summer course, request an email stating approval from their international advisor be sent to If enrolling in an online course, also submit the International Disclaimer..

    J-1 Au Pair Students: Bucks County Community College offers au pairs an opportunity to fulfill their visa educational requirement by enrolling in non-credit classes.

All About Bucks (16:14)

Walk Through Campus Tour (11:10)

Financial Aid (31:21)

Student Services (37:19)

Honors@Bucks (22:32)

Learning Resources (2:37)

Academics at Bucks

Arts Department

The Arts Department offers programs of study in fine arts, graphic design, multimedia, cinema/video, communication, photography and music. Our dedicated faculty and state-of-the-art facilities create a learning-centered environment. We are one of the few community colleges in the country accredited by both the National Association of Schools of Art and Design and the National Association of Schools of Music.

Arts Department

Business & Innovation Department

Our degree and certificate programs are among the most comprehensive in the area, including everything from accounting to paralegal, and entrepreneurship & small business management. We even offer programs for chefs, hotel and restaurant managers and entrepreneurs.

Business + Innovation

Health Sciences Department

The demand for quality health care professionals continues to grow and Bucks can get you started. We offer Associate degrees, certificates (college credit), continuing education certifications and courses that prepare you for certification exams in a wide array of career programs.

Health Sciences

Kinesiology & Sport Studies Department

Kinesiology & Sport Studies offers programs in Dance, Health & Physical Education, Sports Management, Exercise Science, and Recreational Leadership.

Kinesiology and Sport Studies

Language & Literature Department

The mission of the Department of Language and Literature is to educate students in the language arts, including journalism, world languages (we offer courses in eight different languages), composition on all levels, creative writing, and a wide variety of literatures. Our faculty is driven by a love of language and the mysteries of poetry and prose.

Language and Literature

STEM Department

Begin your medical, scientific, or technological career with a superb Bucks education. The Department of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) at Bucks offers degree and certificate programs in the hottest fields, including Cybersecurity, Computer Science, Engineering, Biotechnology, Environmental Science, Biomedical Science, and Neuroscience.

Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics

Social & Behavioral Sciences Department

Social & Behavioral Sciences offers programs in Criminal Justice, Economics, Education, Geography, History, Historic Preservation, Humanities, Philosophy, Political Science, Psychology, Sociology, and Social Work.

Social & Behavioral Science

Professor Rice

Professor Diane Rice of our Social & Behavioral Sciences Department is here to tell you why you should choose Bucks!

Social & Behavioral Science

Student Services at Bucks

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We may be working remotely, but we are here for you.

We know that choosing a college is an important choice, and right now, that could be more challenging than usual. During this period of global concern, the Admissions team will be available by email or phone, and we would be happy to plan a Zoom virtual meeting, too, as a way to keep you informed and ready to start college this fall.

A representative can talk you through the admissions process, from application to enrollment. Whether a graduating high school senior, a current high school student, guest, transfer, or adult student, we are accepting applications daily. Applying to college should not be hard, but there are some steps to follow. Find all the information you need to navigate the application process, and get answers to any questions you might have along the way.

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