A Guide to Planning your Transfer

Understand the Rules of Transfer!

Early planning is the key to a successful transfer.  Selecting your Bucks courses wisely means that you are completing

  • core requirements - sometimes referred to as "general education" or "liberal arts" courses, and
  • introductory courses in your major area of study.

Just because a course will transfer to a four-year school, it does not necessarily mean that it will count in the degree program you are seeking.

  • Know the requirements of the school and the major you want.
  • Choose the Bucks courses which meet those requirements.

Follow the guidelines below. 

  1. Find a major! 

    Decide on a major you would like to study at the four-year college. Use career web resources and self assessments to begin your exploration. Check out Bucks Career Services.

  2. Find a school that meets your needs!

    • Use the resources of Transfer Services:
      • View college catalogs and flyers.
      • Use Peterson's Guide for descriptions of schools.
      • Transfer Facts provide information about transferring to individual colleges.
      • Transfer Fairs bring admissions representatives from many four-year colleges to one location to talk with you about their programs, admissions requirements, and transfer.
      • Use Transfer Services web site to educate yourself about the transfer agreements we have with various colleges and universities.
      • Make a transfer planning appointment by calling 215-968-8031. 

    • Check out web sites:

      Visit the following web sites for more information about schools, their majors, locations, etc.
    • Visit the schools under consideration

      Take a tour of campus and meet with admissions and department representatives.
  3. You've got the direction; you've got the school...keep planning!

    • Consult your departmental advisor for course guidance.  
    • Make a transfer planning appointment (215-968-8031) to see how your Bucks degree will fit into your desired bachelor's degree.
    • Match your Bucks courses with your transfer school requirements.