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Erika Mondok
Director of Transfer Enrollment
Moravian College
Phone:  610-861-1325

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Transfer Facts


  • Bucks County Community College Fellows – Students transferring from a community college with superior academic achievements and who are active members of PTK are eligible to receive $20,000 annually.
  • Phi Theta Kappa – Students transferring from a community college who are active members of Phi Theta Kappa will receive a merit scholarship of $15,000 annually.   
  • Founders – Students transferring from a four-year institution are eligible to receive a merit scholarship up to $20,000 annually.

Course Equivalents

Agreement/Transfer Information

Terms of the Articulation Agreement

This agreement is designed to set recommended criteria for prospective students, encourage student achievement, and facilitate the transfer of course credits resulting in a seamless transition from Bucks County Community College to Moravian College.

Prospective students are encouraged to apply as early as possible in their Bucks County Community College career so that they may begin working with the Director of Transfer Enrollment at Moravian College in preparation for future transfer.

  • Application deadline for fall enrollment is May 1
  • Application deadline for spring enrollment is December 1
  • The quality of the student’s academic record, activities/work experience, personal characteristics, and other indications of general promise will all be taken into consideration during the application process
  • A maximum of 64 college credits may be transferred
  • Moravian College maintains a course by course transfer guide which is housed on both of our websites
  • In order for a course to qualify for transfer credit, the student must have earned at least a grade of “C” or better
  • Credit for AP, IB, and CLEP will be considered dependent upon the appropriate score achieved
  • Program to program transfer matrices will be explored for specific majors in the near future

In order to maximize opportunities for Bucks County Community College students, various scholarships are available. The scholarship amounts are detailed on Moravian College’s website.  Financial aid is also available to students who demonstrate need.

  • PTK Scholarship
  • Bucks County Community College Fellows Scholarship
  • Founders Scholarship