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Contact Information

Traditional Day Programs
Tina Foley
Assistant Director of Transfer Admission
La Salle University
20th and Olney
Philadelphia, PA 19141
Phone : (215) 951-1500
Email: foleyc@lasalle.edu

Evening Programs
Associate Director of Adult Enrollment
La Salle University
20th and Olney
Philadelphia, PA 19141
Phone: (215) 951-1655
Email: kline@lasalle.edu

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Transfer Facts


  • LaSalle University Scholarships
  • Transfer scholarships will be awarded to full-time day students with a cumulative grade point average of 2.5 and above. The scholarship amounts will vary between $4,000 and $11,000.  Members of the Phi Theta Kappa honor society with a 3.5 GPA or above will receive an additional scholarship of $2,000 per year of attendance, with proof of membership.

Agreement/Transfer Information

Core-to-Core/Dual Admission Agreement with Bucks

Under this agreement, LaSalle University's Core requirements will essentially be fulfilled by completing the Associate of Arts degree in the transfer majors designated below (see Program Articulations) with a grade point average of 2.5 or better.

Students who graduate with the designated associate degree program must complete "core qualifiers". For most programs, this requirement is:

  • (1) religion course
  • (1) philosophy course
  • (1) introductory computer science course (CISC100, CISC110, or CISC115 at Bucks)

The qualifying courses can be completed at LaSalle (within the final two years of study) as the student proceeds through his or her program of study at the University. However, if applicable, students may be able to complete "qualifier" courses as part of their program at BCCC, as long as these credits are within the maximum of 70 credits permitted in transfer.

Dual Admission

Students will complete an online Dual Admission Application (make an account first) before completing 45 credits at Bucks. The Dual Admission Form will serve as the application to La Salle University, indicating the student's interest in attending La Salle after completion of a designated associate degree program at Bucks. Once that student has completed the Dual Admission Form, he or she will be required to forward all final transcripts from Bucks to La Salle to verify that conditions of this agreement have been met. There is no fee required for the Dual Admission Form.

Program Articulations

Program articulations for individual majors are currently being updated.  Currently on-file we have transfer articulations for the following Bucks majors.  Consult a transfer advisor for updates.

What this means

Upon transfer, the Core-to-Core* agreement allows the transfer student to primarily concentrate on completing the remaining courses in the major and the free electives in the junior and senior year.

*In most instances, students are able to complete the core qualifiers (1 Religion, 1 Philosophy, 1 Computer Science) as part of their Bucks program of study or prior to transferring to LaSalle

La Salle University-Bucks County Center Cohort Programs