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Lauren A.Campbell
Executive Director of Admissions
Holy Family University
9801 Frankford Avenue
Philadelphia, PA  19114
Phone: (215) 637-3050
Email: admissions@holyfamily.edu

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Transfer Facts


  • Holy Family Scholarships
    • 2.5-2.79    University     $5,000
    • 2.8-3.19    Deans           $8,000                          
    • 3.20-3.49  Trustees        $10,500
    • 3.5 +        Presidential    $12,500

Course Equivalents

Transfer Agreement

Transfer Articulation/Program-to-Program Agreement

Under the Transfer Articulation Agreement, students who complete an ‌ at Bucks County Community College will be guaranteed admission to Holy Family University with third year (junior) status.  To qualify for the Transfer Articulation Agreement, BUcks County Community College students must:

  • sign an Intent to Transfer Form before completing 45 credits at Bucks.
  • follow the course sequence sheets for one of the designated programs (see Program Agreements).
  • graduate from Bucks in one of the designated programs.
  • meet requirements as specified in the Transfer Articulation Agreement.

A maximum of 75 credits will transfer to HF.  Eligibility for HF commencement honors requires a minimum of 60 credits earned at HF.


Qualified full-time transfer students with a cumulative GPA of 2.5 and above will be awarded scholarships in amounts between $5,000 and $12,500 per year.

Program Agreements

The following associate degree programs at Bucks are designated as part of the Transfer Articulation Agreement for corresponding degree programs at HF.  

NOTE:  All Education programs are governed by the Pennsylvania Department of Education mandates and curriculum.  Certification changes are currently in progress, so there will be changes in both Bucks and Holy Family Education programs.  Students entering Holy Family after the Fall 2010 semester will do so under the new curriculums.

NOTE:  Programs of study were developed based on a Fall semester entry to Holy Family University.  For most programs, entry in the Spring semester will result in extending the degree completion beyond four semesters, due to the course progression requirement and availability.

Other Information Available in Bucks Transfer Services 

Division of Extended Learning Dual Admissions  /  Core-to-Core Agreement 

This agreement with Holy Family University's Division of Extended Learning (evening accelerated program) is for adult students with work experience who are enrolled in Bucks’s Business Administration program.

To qualify for the Division of Extended Learning Dual Admissions/Core-to-Core Agreement, students must:

  • Be adult students with three years full-time work experience; Sign the Division of Extended Learning Dual Admission Form  before completing 45 credits at BCCC; Complete the Business Administration Associate degree program at BCCC;
  • Graduate from BCCC with a minimum 2.0 GPA.

Benefits of this agreement include:

  • Qualifying students will be admitted to the accelerated Bachelor's degree in Business Administration program at HF.
  • HF's accelerated core will essentially be fulfilled by the core at BCCC, with the addition of two “qualifier” courses.
  • Under this agreement only, up to 84 credits are permitted in transfer. 

Further information may be found in the Quick Facts sheet and the Division of Extended Learning Dual Admissions/Core-to-Core Agreement available at Bucks Transfer Services.