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Agreements and Advising Guides

Through a collaboration between Bucks County Community College and Drexel University Online, you and your immediate family members can now earn a top-ranked degree or certificate and receive special tuition rates of 10-40% off of the on campus tuition when you enroll in one of Drexel’s distinguished online programs.

Bucks Associate of Science in Nursing Degree to Drexel University Online’s Bachelor of Science in Nursing Degree.

To benefit from this agreement, students have the following obligations:

  • To take advantage of the 40% reduction in tuition a student must ENROLL in the Drexel Online RN-BSN Completion Degree within two (2) years of graduating from the Associate of Science in Nursing degree at Bucks.
  • To take advantage of the Tuition Lock, students must complete the Online RN-BSN Completion Degree within three (3) years of beginning the program at Drexel Online.
  • Complete the above associate degree program at Bucks County Community College as specified in the program-to-program Transfer Guide. Courses not included in this document will be evaluated by Drexel Universityon a course-by-course basis.
  • Courses completed at Bucks County Community College with a minimum grade of “C” in a 100 level course or higher will transfer into the appropriate categories where ever possible.
  • Meet all applicable Drexel University Online requirements and deadlines pertaining to application for admission and payment of tuition and fees. Bucks students must demonstrate a minimum cumulative grade point average of 2.00 for admissions consideration.
  • Once at Drexel University Online, students who transfer under the terms of this agreement are responsible for meeting requirements in Nursing, and any other curriculum requirements applying to all Drexel UniversityOnline BSN Completion Degreestudents. These students will abide by the policies andprocedures, and any revisions, that apply to all Drexel University Online students.

This agreement provides the following benefits for eligible students:

  • Following the terms of this agreement, as outlined in the above Transfer Guides, students who complete the above associate degree program will be eligible for acceptance into the Drexel University Online BSN Degree Completion Program and assured transfer credits as indicated in the Transfer Guides. Drexel University is on a Quarter Term system and depending upon how a student schedules classes per term, students may graduate with the BSN degree is 12 to 24 months, providing the student appropriately schedules and successfully completes (without repeating courses) the BSN courses at Drexel University Online.
  • Bucks students may transfer in up to 90 semester credits (120 quarter credits) toward the degree, leaving 12 classes for the student to complete online with Drexel University Online.
  • Students transferring under this agreement will be eligible for financial aid and scholarships as applicable. Students may contact the Financial Aid Office at Drexel University for more information.
  • The application fee will be waived for students covered under this agreement.
  • Bucks students will receive a 25% discount on all degrees and certificates from Drexel University Online’s College of Nursing and a 10-25% on all other online degrees or certificates for life.  The partnership may be shared with a Bucks student’s immediate family for online degrees and certificates.