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Aaron Stafford
Academic and Corporate Partnership Manager
Wilmington University
320 N. Dupont Highway
New Castle, DE  19720
Phone: (302) 356-6991
Email: aaron.m.stafford@milmu.edu

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Transfer Agreement

Guaranteed Admission Agreement

Under this Guaranteed Admission Agreement, students enrolled in eligible Associate degree programs at Bucks will be conditionally admitted into a related Bachelor's degree program at Wilmington University and have the application fee waived.  Students will enter Wilmington University into that related program as a junior, without having to complete any additional general education courses beyond the Associate degree, on the condition the student:

  • Graduates from Bucks in an eligible Associate degree program with a minimum GPA of 2.0.
  • Enrolls in a Wilmington University program within one year of the Bucks graduation.
  • Does not attend another institution between the time they graduate from Bucks and enroll at Wilmington University.
  • Completes other regular admission requirements as determined by Wilmington University.

The following will also apply to students under this agreement:

  • Students can transfer up to 75 college level credits with a C or better.
  • 45 credits must be taken at Wilmington University (online or on-campus).  These 45 credits are typically upper level courses.  Students transferring to a related Wilmington University Bachelor's degree will transfer the entire Associate degree and may transfer additional applicable credits, up to a total of 75 credits.
  • Students who change their field of study may be required to take appropriate pre-requisite courses either at Bucks or Wilmington University.

NOTE: Students who do not complete an eligible Associate degree from Bucks, will not be granted automatic admission to Wilmington University and must apply under the regular transfer admission process.

Eligible Programs:

  • Accounting (AA. 2016) to Accounting (BS)
  • Business Administration (AA. 1009) to Accounting (BS) and Business Management (BS)
  • Cinema/ Video (AA. 1181) to Studio Production: Television & Journalism
  • Criminal Justice (AA. 1189) to Criminal Justice (BS)
  • Computer Science (AA. 1103) to Information Systems Management (BS) and Web Information Systems (BS)
  • Computer Networking Technology (AA. 2136) to Information Systems Management (BS)
  • Digital Game and Simulation Design (AA. 2182) to Game Design and Development (BS)
  • Fine Art (AA. 1001) to General Studies
  • Information Technology Studies (AA. 2164) to Web Information Systems (BS)
  • Journalism (AA. 1045) to Studie Production: Television and Journalism
  • Liberal Arts  to General Studies
  • Liberal Arts: Pscyhology Interpersonal (AA. 1183) to Psychology (BS)
  • Liberal Arts: Psychology Pre-Professional (AA. 1060) to Psychology (BS)
  • Management/ Marketing (AA. 2015) to Business Management/ Marketing (BS)
  • Multimedia (AA. 1175) to Media Design: Multimedia Production (BS)
  • Nursing (AA. 2035) to RN- BSN (BS)
  • Social Services (AA. 1130) to Behavioral Sciences/ Psychology (BS)
  • Sports Management (AA. 1154) to Sports Management (BS)