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Sara Weichman
Student Recruiter/Transfer Advisor
Upper Iowa University-Academic Extension
Phone: (319) 232-6980
Fax: (319) 232-6971
Email: WeichmanS@uiu.edu

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Course Equivalents

Agreement/Transfer Information

Purpose of Agreement

The purpose of the Bucks/Upper Iowa University Academic Extension agreement is to provide bachelor degree completion programs to students who have earned an Associate Degree from Bucks County Community College.   Courses for the degree are provided through UIU’s Academic Extension, which includes Learning Centers, an Online Program, and an External Degree Program (independent study.)

This agreement provides

  • The transfer of up to 78 relevant credits
  • Junior status to students who have completed any Bucks associate degree
  • The availability of online courses for degree completion
  • Online library and bookstore resources
  • Waiving of the application fee to graduates of Bucks

Additional Information Available in Bucks Transfer Services

What this means

Bucks students who have completed any Bucks Associate degree and follow UIU’s application procedure can be assured a seamless transfer to a bachelor degree program.

Program Agreements

Following are some program transfer guides based on the Articulation Agreement with UIU.  To determine how courses in other Bucks programs would transfer to Upper Iowa University, please refer to the Equivalencies Guide.