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Jeff Ryder
Associate Dean, College of Art, Media and Design
University of the Arts
320 South Broad Street
Philadelphia , PA 19102
Phone: (215) 717-6562
Email:  jryder@uarts.edu


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Transfer Facts


Transfer Agreement in Fine Arts or Graphic Design

The purpose of this agreement is to facilitate the transfer of students:

  • from BCCC Fine Arts (1001) to specified University of the Arts College of Art and Design programs, and
  • from BCCC Graphic Design (1110) to The University of the Arts College of Art and Design’s Graphic Design program.

Benefits of the Agreement

For students who have followed the stated Conditions of Agreement:

  • A student will be able to complete a major in the corresponding program in two years.
  • Additional specified liberal arts courses may be considered for transfer toward the University of Arts degree.

Conditions of Agreement

To qualify for this agreement, a student must:

  • Successfully complete the BCCC Fine Arts Transfer curriculum, as outlined in one of the following transfer guides:
  • Complete all aspects of The University of the Arts College of Art and Design admission process, including a written recommendation, as outlined in the UArts catalog.
  • Earn a grade of at least C on all courses to be transferred.
  • Understand that, based on transcript and portfolio review, specific UArts freshman and/or sophomore courses may be required of transfer tudents.