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Agreement/Transfer Information

Distance Learning Transfer Agreement with Bucks

The purpose of this agreement between Bucks County Community College and the University of Delaware is to provide a bachelor's degree completion opportunity through distance learning to Bucks County Community College students, alumni and other constituencies; and to designate Bucks County Community College as a "College Associate" for the purpose of offering a Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing for the Registered Nurse Major (BRN) using distance learning video technologies.

Bachelor of Science in Nursing

Students who complete an A.A. degree in Nursing at BCCC may take additional BCCC courses toward a BSN degree and then complete their BSN at UDel. The majority of UDel coursework can be completed online. View the Nursing Transfer Credit Matrix.

What this means

Degree Completion Programs through Distance Learning

After completing the requirements for Nursing at Bucks, students can complete the requirements for a Bachelor of Science degree via a Distance Learning Program.