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Transfer Facts


Course Equivalents/Prerequisite Coursework

Agreement/Transfer Information

Jefferson Colleges of Health Professions and Nursing provide a path to admission to students who desire to transfer from Bucks County Community College into the following programs:

  • Radiologic Sciences
  • Bioscience technologies
  • Nursing
  • Occupational Therapy

Students must:

  • All prerequisite course work must be completed prior to enrollment at Jefferson.  See course equivalents above.
  • Students must have earned at least a C in all prerequisite coursework, with higher grades in science coursework.  
  • Students with a GPA of 3.0 or higher are the strongest candidates for admission. Students with 2.70-2.99 must receive a recommendation for admission from Bucks Transfer Services and a science instructor.   
  • Students may not have a criminal or disciplinary record.
  • An interview at Jefferson is a required part of the admission process.
  • Please contact Transfer Services (transfer@bucks.edu) for further details and next steps.

What this means

Appropriate Course Selection

Students should consult with an advisor in the Department of Mathematics, Science and Technology and with Transfer Services, for appropriate course selection for these programs.