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Transfer Facts


Agreement/Transfer Information

Core-to-Gen Ed Agreement with Bucks

Completion of an AA degree will result in all of Temple's General Education requirements having been met.

Dual Admissions

Students may apply to be conditionally accepted to Temple University under the terms of the Dual Admissions Program. To be eligible for the Dual Admissions program, students must:

  • Submit the Dual Admissions Intent to Enroll form to the Office of Admissions at Bucks by the time they complete 30 college-level credits.
  • Earn an associate degree with a minimum final GPA of 2.3 at the time of graduation from Bucks.
  • Enroll at Temple within one year of graduation from Bucks.
  • Do not attend another institution between graduation from Bucks and enrollment at Temple.

Students who are part of Temple Dual Admissions have the following advantages:

  • Application fee is waived.
  • Academic scholarship opportunities are available to Dual Admissions students.  These include:
    • Full-time students:  $1000 for 3.3-3.64 GPA
    • Full-time students:  $2000 for 3.65-4.0 GPA
    • Part-time students (6-11 credits per semester):  half the above amounts
    • Students will also receive any federal, state or Temple need-based aid for which they may qualify.

Program Articulations

Program articulations for individual majors are regularly developed. Currently on-file we have transfer articulations for the following Bucks majors:

Temple Japan

Temple University Japan is the first educational institution in Japan to be officially recognized as a Foreign University. This status allows TUJ to sponsor student visas, enabling international students to study at TUJ on either a short-term or long-term basis, including earning Temple University degrees in several programs.

Students who have earned a BCCC Associate Degree qualify for:

  • an application fee waiver
  • preferential housing
  • consideration for TUJ scholarships

For further information, see Bucks/Temple Japan Agreement and Temple Japan web page.

Other Information available from Bucks Transfer Services

  • Program prerequisite requirements for Health Professions Majors: Communication Sciences, Health Information Management, Therapeutic Recreation, Occupational Therapy, Pharmacy, and Physical Therapy
  • Information on Temple's  Core requirements for students who do not complete an AA degree

Contact your transfer advisor for more information.