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Penn State Abington Contact Information

Jacqueline Payrow
Adult Education/Transfer Counselor
1600 Woodland Road
Abington, PA 19001
Phone: 215-881-7391

For Additional Contact Information

Carol Kalos
Enrollment Counselor
1600 Woodland Road
Abington, Pennsylvania 19001
Phone: 215-881-7638
Email: cck11@psu.edu

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Agreement/Transfer Information

Transfer Agreement with Bucks

Bucks County Community College and the Pennsylvania State University, Abington (PSAB) enter into this articulation agreement to enable students admitted into an Associate of Arts degree program to be admitted into a Bachelor's degree program at PSAB.

Students must:

  • Graduate from BCCC with a minimum cumulative grade point average of 2.0.
  • enroll at PSAB within one-year of BCCC graduation.
  • do not attend another institution of higher education between the time they graduate from BCCC and enroll at PSAB
  • complete a "Letter of Intent" form at the time of admission to BCCC, or no later than when they have completed 30 transferable credits at BCCC.
  • satisfy all other PSAB admission requirements.

Program-to-Program Articulations

The following Program-to-Program Articulations have been developed for the specified Bucks majors.  Students following the exact terms of the individual program articulations, and earning grades of at least C in courses, are able to meet the PSAB requirements for the designated majors.

     NOTE:  Applicable to all Transfer Guides listed below, Bucks' COMP111 is currently under review at Penn State.  Students who took COMP111 prior to July 2015 will receive credit for ENGL202B.  Students who have taken COMP111 after July 2015 will receive general elective credit and/or General Education Humanities credit.  All Transfer Guides below are under review.  Contact Advising and Transfer Services for questions (transfer@bucks.edu).

Advising Guides (Transfer Information if not receiving the Associate Degree)