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Assistant Director of Admission, Transfer Coordinator
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Transfer Facts


Course Equivalents

NEW! Immaculata University Agreements

These agreements apply to students entering full-time day programs in the College of Undergraduate Studies or part-time programs in the College of LifeLong Learning (except for nursing, due to program quotas, and ACCEL and Online programs, which are covered under a separate agreement, as outlined below.)

Articulation Agreement

  • This agreement lists the Bucks courses which will meet Immaculata's Core requirements.
  • Immaculata has two slightly different cores, one for Arts and Sciences and one for Professional Studies.  The Core sheet specifies which majors follow which core.
  • Students may request a transcript evaluation prior to submitting their application.
  • Students are required to have a minimum GPA of a 2.0 at Bucks.  Courses with grades of "C" or better will be brought into Immaculata University as transfer credits. 
  • Up to 64 credits may be transferred.

Transfer Admission Agreement

  • Bucks students may submit a “Transfer Admission Intent to Enroll Form ” at the time of admission to Bucks, or not later than when they have completed 30 college transferable credits, including Bucks courses and those from other colleges and universities.
  • Application fees will be waived for students submitting an Intent Form.
  • Students are required to satisfy all Immaculata University admissions requirements, including submitting a Immaculata University Application for Admission and meet the deadline for the semester they wish to transfer to Immaculata University (August 1 for the fall semester and December 1 for the spring semester.)
  • Students must graduate from Bucks with a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.0.
  • To benefit from this agreement, students should enroll at Immaculata University within one year of graduating from Bucks and not attend another institution between graduation and enrollment at Immaculata University.
  • Students entering full-time study through the College of Undergraduate Studies will receive academic scholarships and/or grants as outlined below:
    • $12,500-15,000 academic scholarship to transfer students with a GPA of 3.00-4.00
    • $7,000-12,000 academic scholarship to transfer students with a GPA of 2.50-2.99
    • $5,000-6,500 grant to transfer students with a GPA of 2.00-2.49

Transfer Guides

  • Biology (AA. 1003) to Immaculata's BS or BA in Biology
  • Business Administration (AA. 1009) to Immaculata's Business Administration
  • Chemistry (AA. 1004) to Immaculata's BS or BA in Chemistry
  • Mathematics (AA. 1006) to Immaculata's BA in Mathematics
  • Liberal Arts: Psychology Pre-Professional (AA. 1060) to Immaculata's BA in Psychology


College of LifeLong Learning Accelerated Programs Transfer Agreement

This agreement provides for the smooth transfer of courses for Bucks County Community College graduates who apply to Immaculata University's College of LifeLong Learning and follow one of the six accelerated programs listed below.


Students are eligible for this agreement if they:

  • Earn an associate degree from BCCC with a minimum GPA of 2.0;
  • Earn a grade of at least C in all courses to be transferred; and
  • Submit a CLL application and official BCCC transcript.

An interview with a CLL counselor is encouraged prior to acceptance.


  • Students are guaranteed admission to Immaculata University's College of LifeLong Learning with junior level standing.
  • BCCC students will be given the same consideration as all Immaculata University students of equal class standing concerning financial aid, campus housing, registration for classes, and access to other student services.
  • Additional BCCC credits, beyond the A.A. degree, will be accepted toward the Immaculata degree, according to the Advising Guides for the specified programs.

Accelerated Programs (ACCEL or IUOnline)

Any Bucks associate degree which incorporates the courses included in the following guidelines is eligible for this agreement. The following bachelor's degree programs are offered by the College of LifeLong Learning in an accelerated format of weekly classes at various Delaware Valley sites or in an accelerated online format, as indicated.