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Traditional Day Programs
Nicole Christie
Associate Director, Admission
Albright College
13th & Bern Streets
Reading, PA 19612
Phone: (800) 252-1856
Email: albright@alb.edu

Accelerated Degree Completion Programs
Albright College
13th & Bern Streets
Reading, PA 19612
Phone: (888) 252-8851
Email: dcp@albright.edu

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Transfer Facts


Agreement/Transfer Information

Guaranteed Admission

Students satisfactorily completing the Associate degree at Bucks County Community College are guaranteed admission to Albright College.

Core-to-Core Agreement 

Albright College accepts the general education courses embedded in the BCCC Associate degree as meeting the requirements of its undergraduate general education, with the exception of its foreign language requirement (which can be completed at BCCC or Albright.)

Dual Admissions Agreement 

Under the Dual Admissions Agreement, BCCC students will be guaranteed admission into a Bachelor's Degree program with third year (junior) status at Albright College on the condition that they:

  • Graduate from BCCC with an Associate degree with a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.0;
  • Complete an “Albright College Intent Form ” form before beginning their final semester at BCCC.
  • Enroll in a parallel program at Albright College; and
  • Satisfy all other Albright Collegetransfer admission requirements. 

Dual Admissions Advantages

BCCC students who satisfy the conditions of the Dual Admissions Agreement:  

  • will be governed by theAlbright College degree requirements in effect at the time of signing the “Dual Admissions Intent” form;
  • will receive credit for all courses in which a passing grade was earned;
  • will have their Albright College application fee waived;
  • can take one Albright College course per year free (maximum of three courses lifetime) while enrolled as a full-time BCCC student


  • Dual Admissions students will be eligible for Albright College scholarships as follows:
  • Full-time Albright College day students with a final BCCC grade point average of at least 3.0 may be eligible for scholarships of $5,000-$20,000.
  • Part-time day students taking two Albright courses per semester will receive $200 per semester.
  •  BCCC graduates entering Albright's Evening Accelerated Degree Completion Program will be awarded a $2,500 Partnership Scholarship; increases to $3,200 with 3.70 GPA and above. Additional $1,600 for BCCC employees.

What this means

A full-time student admitted with third year (junior) status to Albright College should be able to complete a Bachelor's Degree in a parallel program at Albright College within four regular semesters or 24 months in the accelerated program provided that the student :

  • completes the appropriate Associate Degree program requirements at BCCC,
  • completes the appropriate sequence of  courses at Albright College.

Upon transfer, the Core-to-Core agreement allows the transfer student to concentrate primarily on completing the remaining courses in the major and the free electives in the junior and senior year.