Types of Transfer Agreements

Bucks County Community College transfer agreements come in many forms, shapes and sizes. All have the purpose of making your transfer a smooth process.

A few basics about transfer agreements

  • Complete your associate degree at Bucks - Most transfer agreements are built on the plan that you will graduate from Bucks with an Associate of Arts degree.

  • Agreements Vary - Some agreements are based on obtaining any associate degree. Some apply only to specific Bucks programs. Each college is different, so transfer admission criteria and the requirements of the transfer agreements will be different as well.

  •  Match Your Major - Most transfer agreements are built on the understanding that you will be following a program of study (as specified in the agreement) that has a parallel at the transfer school.

  •  Details - The requirements of transfer agreements differ from school to school, even if schools have the same general type of agreement. Always check out the individual requirements of each agreement!

 Some types of transfer agreements

  • Core-to-Core agreements mean that, with the completion of an associate degree, the general education (core) requirements have already been completed when you transfer to the agreement school.  Some Core-to-Core Agreements apply to all majors at a transfer school; some apply only to specific majors.  Check out individual agreements!  Bucks has formal Core-to-Core Agreements with the following schools.

Albright College, Arcadia University, Delaware Valley University, LaSalle University, and Temple University.

In addition, some schools have generous transfer policies which exempt transfer students from part or most of the core / general education / liberal arts requirements.  See transfer policies for Cabrini College, Cedar Crest College, DeSales University and Holy Family (Community Bridge).

  • Transfer Intent Agreements (sometimes called Dual Admission Agreements) assure admission (either to the school or only to specific programs) when certain requirements are met.  Bucks has Intent Agreements with the following schools.

Albright College, Arcadia University, Bloomsburg University, Cabrini College, Chestnut Hill College, Delaware Valley College, East Stroudsburg University, Gwynedd-Mercy College, Holy Family University, Immaculata University, LaSalle University, Peirce College, Penn State Abington, Penn College of Art and Design, Rider University, Rosemont College, Saint Joseph's University, and Temple University, and University of the Sciences.

  • Program-to-Program agreements outline exactly what courses a student should take as part of an associate degree in order to transfer at the junior level in a specific major.

  • Course Equivalency lists are types of agreement which list how individual Bucks courses will transfer.

  • Other types of General Articulation agreements each have specific requirements and benefits.

 See a complete listing of Bucks Transfer Agreements.