Program Workshops

Past, Present and Future Perkins Workshops

 Women in Technology Workshop:

In collaboration with the S. T.E.M. department, the Perkins department previously co-facilitated the Women in Technology workshop which brings together a keynote speaker with impressive science/technology success, accomplished professors providing hands on break-out sessions and career resources.

 Getting Organized Workshop:

In the past the Perkins department has hosted the  “Getting Organized” workshop in collaboration with the Student Services Department.   Students attending this workshop gained valuable tips on how to be successful by utilizing proven ways to manage time, juggle priorities and develop systems which foster organization.  

Be the Best You Workshop:

In upcoming semesters the Perkins program will be offering a workshop to help students find academic success with increased energy and focus.    Fitness experts, a nutritional counselor and biofeedback professionals will enlighten students on ways to increase stamina, be more alert in class and improve overall health.  Samples of easy “on the go” health foods will be served.  We look forward to this new workshop!

Career Roundtable Discussion Series:

The Perkins program created perhaps one of our most noteworthy programs yet which provides students with the valuable opportunity to network with professionals who are currently working in their chosen fields.  In a relaxed, informal setting students are able to ask specific questions about the reality of various professions and gain helpful advice on the best way to succeed in these fields.  In the past this event has successfully encouraged female students to enter into non-traditional careers.

Career Mentoring Program:

As an extension to the “Roundtable discussion series” the Perkins Center looks forward to collaborating with the Bucks County Community College Foundation and Alumni Association to develop a mentoring program.  This program will match volunteer alumni with current students who are enrolled in their field of study.   Through on-going email and/or phone communications this mentor/mentee relationship will encourage networking and expand the potential for professional resources.

Getting Your Foot in the Door Workshop:

In collaboration with the Career Services Department, the Perkins program previously hosted workshops which focused on interview skills, resume writing and helping students dress for success.  Professionals from the organization “Dress for Success” provided information on how to obtain free suits and office attire to all who attended!