Confidentiality Statement

Bucks counselors value and respect your privacy.  Information shared during counseling sessions is kept strictly confidential according the the ethical guidelines of the American Counseling Association and the laws of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Counselors do not disclose information to anyone outside of the counseling relationship without your permission. However, disclosure may become necessary when it is required to protect you or others from serious and foreseeable harm, when the counselor is mandated to report the abuse of a child, or when the court has ordered disclosure. Additionally, in order to provide the most effective services possible, your counselor may ask for your permission to consult with other staff members on your behalf.

The counseling staff  safeguards confidential information according to these guidelines and works to insure that all staff members within the counseling office maintain  your privacy and confidentiality. You are encouraged to ask your counselor if you should have any questions regarding confidentiality and its limitations.