Recommendation Forms

Letters of Recommendation

Employers, colleges, universities, and scholarship funds may require a letter of recommendation or letter of reference as part of your application. To request a letter of recommendation from a faculty/staff member of Bucks County Community College, complete and submit the recommendation request form . Please make sure to indicate the type of letter, (confidential and non-confidential), that is required prior to completing the above form.

When you refuse to waive your right to read the letter, you receive a non-confidential letter of recommendation. By default, a letter of recommendation from a faculty member is considered part of your records and you have the right to view what he or she writes.

When you waive your right to access the letter of recommendation, the letter is considered confidential. A confidential letter of recommendation will be sent directly from the writer to the intended recipient and you, the requestor, cannot view the letter. Confidential letters are often required for application to graduate programs and select universities.

Please review the instructions below for some suggestions on storing letters of recommendation.

Non-confidential Letters of Recommendation (most frequently used at Bucks)

Visit Career Cruising to upload various types of documents to your Profile, including recommendation letters; or you can create a free account on the Bucks Online Job Board where you can upload PDFs of your letters to your account as you do a resume. To convert your letters to PDFs, please visit the Technology Learning Center, located in the library at your campus.

Confidential Letters of Recommendation

If you have waived your right to see the letter, Career Services will keep a copy of your letter in our office for up to two years.

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