Classroom Presentations & Workshops

Career Services Is here to help you...

Provide individual classroom presentations that coordinate with coursework curricula. If you are teaching an eLearning or hybrid course, or your class time is limited, you can still highlight a particular career-related subject with your students by utilizing these presentations and handouts.

Verify student attendance at any of our scheduled events for either extra credit or class participation grades. Some examples are as follows:

Create and/or present topics to your students that are individualized for your curriculum, such as:

  • Writing resumes for a composition course.
  • Creating a personal website for a web design course.
  • Mock interviews for an interpersonal communications course.
  • Discussion about office/work ethics and the positive effect that it can have on an internship and/or career.
Career Services available:
Lower Bucks
Room 145
Rollins 59
Upper Bucks
Room 107
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