Salary Negotiation

Friday, March 29, 2013

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Location: Student Services - Rollins Center


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Salary Negotiation…Congratulations, you have a job offer-how will you negotiate salary

Knowledge is power, so arm yourself with it. Do your research to have a sense of an expected salary range for the position and location for a candidate with your skills and experience. Get help with your preparation - Go to the Career Services web pages and use the tools there:

  1. Get started by opening Career Cruising - review the information under Job Offers in the Employment section for a general overview of things to consider.
  2. Next, open the Career Spots Videos tool - click on the Job Search tab and watch the videos on Salary and Negotiation, paying special attention to “Negotiating an Offer” and “The Salary Question” for specific tips. Be sure to download the Quick Tips associated with this video - it has links to sites you can use for your salary research.
  3. Begin your salary research by opening the Online Job Board - go to the Document Library of the Resources tab and use the NACE Salary Calculator. This will give you basic salary information based on the job and area to help you benchmark.
  4. Finally, use the wealth of information available on America’s Career Information Network at to find salary information by area and much more.