Interview Do’s and Don’ts

Friday, March 22, 2013

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Location: Student Services - Rollins Center


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Imagine you’re the person doing the hiring – how would you describe the ideal candidate? Once you have a good, objective sense of what that would look like, list the attributes you have that match and think of brief examples showing how you have displayed each characteristic.

Get help with your preparation - Go to the Career Services web pages and use the tools there:

  1. Get started with the Career Spots Videos tool - click on the Job Search tab and watch the many videos on Interviewing, paying special attention to “The Interview” and “Behavioral Interviewing” for specific tips on this technique. Note that you can download the Quick Tips associated with many videos to use for reference.
  2. Next, open Career Cruising and review the information under Interview Skills in the Employment section.
  3. Be sure to compliment your preparation by clicking on Type Focus - use the Personal Branding and Interview Guide in the Job Search tools. Note that the Personal Branding section will populate with specific tips for you based upon your assessment results. You can use that along with information from job postings to create your own Interview Guides to use as reference tools.
  4. Finally, use the wealth of information available on America’s Career Information Network at to find interview preparation tips and much more.