Adaptive Technology at Bucks

Adaptive Workstations

Adaptive Workstations are available for use in the Libraries on all campuses, Gateway Computer Labs, Student Services Open Access Lab, The Accessibility Office, the Tutoring Center, Grupp Hall and select workstations will be made available as needed on each campus. The Testing Center also has an Adaptive Workstation in a quiet room.

These workstations, (some) adjustable height workstation’s and adaptive software are for use by students with any disability that affects one’s ability to use a computer without modification.

The installed software can include:

  • JAWS for Windows -- Screen reading software for users who are blind.
  • ZoomText -- Screen magnification and limited screen reading software for users who have low vision.
  • Dragon NaturallySpeaking -- This is a speech to text software, allowing for (almost) hands-free computing. (professional edition).
  • Read & Write Gold -- All Student computers on campus have reading support software installed for use by all students, faculty and staff. No special installation or permission is required.

Other adaptive technology available through TAO:

  • Laptop computers -- For loan on campus only with permission of staff. Have multiple uses, including portability of software or as a writing tool in the classroom.
  • Talking calculator -- Useful for students with vision impairments.
  • Tape recorders -- A limited number of traditional recorders are available to students to assist in note taking, test taking, etc. A digital recorder is also available.
  • Portable CCTV’s -- Magnification tool for low vision. Different sizes and types are available for use at all campuses.
  • Electronic Stethoscopes -- Amplified stethoscopes for students who are hard of hearing.
  • ViewPlus Tiger Pro braille printer -- Creates documents and tactile diagrams in braille.
  • Use of Accessibility features on campus operating systems – including on screen keyboards, magnification programs, word prediction and more

Basic Training in adaptive technology and resources -- An Adaptive Technology Specialist is available, part-time, for initial training, and continued support. Students are encouraged to seek additional training through resources such as OVR and BVS as applicable.

We are currently Piloting Sonocent AudioNotetaker for students with disabilities. Please inquire if interested!


Students should bring their own headset and/or microphone for listening or speaking to computers that are outside of The Accessibility Office. We also suggest bringing a flash storage device (thumb drive) with a fair amount of storage space (4 GB or more) for voice files, alt format textbooks, documents, etc.

Call or e-mail to schedule an appointment to learn more about our adaptive technology.

Penny Gray, A.T. Specialist
Bucks Co. Community College
The Accessibility Office
Student Services Center
Room 11 Rollins

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Last Page Update: September 2016