Center for Personal & Professional Development

Dedicated and streamlined service for staff and faculty training and growth

The newly focused Center for Personal & Professional Development represents collaboration across the College to provide dedicated and streamlined service for staff and faculty training and growth. The physical center of activities is in Learning Resources, in the Bucks Media Lab and the Help Desk and Services Center on the Newtown campus. The Wellness initiative and the Faculty Center are integral to the Center’s services.Workshops, tutorials, and other resources are provided at all College campuses, including Upper Bucks, Lower Bucks, and Virtual campuses, in addition to the campus in Newtown. Please note this is internal training for Bucks County Community College employees only.

Most of the events are open to every Bucks employee! The color-coding just gives the primary audience.
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Upcoming professional and personal development opportunities can also be found on the professional development calendar in MyBucks.


We want to hear from you!

To suggest ideas for programs or to schedule an event that you will lead:

Send an email to
215.968.8050 (the Professional Development Hotline)

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Searchable, on-demand tutorials

Soon you'll be able to browse and search our on-demand tutorials for your immediate professional development needs.

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The Professional Development Advisory Group guides programming offered by the Center, and members represent various campus groups. They also help assure that their constituents are kept well informed about the Center’s offerings.

The Professional Development Center offers training on a wide variety of topics, including personal, as well as professional, growth. We are always looking for new ideas, and are dedicated to meeting your personal and professional development needs and aims. Center staff members facilitate your professional development offerings, scheduling and communicating programs for all areas of the College.