Smoking Policy

Clean Air Community

Since October 1, 2008, Bucks County Community College has provided a smoke-free learning and working environment for all students and employees.

All College buildings and property are smoke-free unless specifically designated as areas where smoking is allowed.

  • View a list of Tobacco-Free-Living Resources (PDF) for Bucks County residents. 
  • Designated smoking areas for each campus are as follows: 
    • Newtown: smoking permitted only in parking lots A, B, C, D, E, F, and H which are beyond Linden Lane and Employee Road and/or in private vehicles.  Designated Smoking Areas Map (PDF)
    • Lower Bucks Campus (Bristol): smoking permitted only in parking lots and/or in private vehicles. 
    • Upper Bucks Campus (Perkasie): smoking permitted only in Employee Parking Lot and Student Parking Lot crossing Hillendale Road and/or in private vehicles.

Information about smoking cessation programs will be available via this web page (coming soon).

Board of Trustees Statement on Smoking Policy

1.15 Clean Air Zones

The College subscribes to a tobacco free environment.  There shall be no smoking, use of tobacco products, or use of e-cigarettes permitted in any campus building or designated Clean Air zone whatsoever. Smoking and use of tobacco products or e-cigarettes is permitted only in designated perimeter parking lots.

Procedure: Maintaining Clean Air Zones

Smoking,  use of tobacco products, or e-cigarettes in Clean Air zones is a violation of the College Code of Conduct as well as of College Policy 1.15.  

General Guidelines

  1. The sale and distribution of all tobacco products or e-cigarettes is prohibited.
    1. Clean Air Zones are designated by posted signs and zone determination is reviewed on a regular basis.
    2. Programs on smoking cessation, support services and information are provided to members of the College community.


  1. The policy is communicated to the campus community and the public through print and electronic means including but not limited to the College website, catalogs, brochures, intranet, advertisements, and media coverage.
    1. Students and employees are advised of the provisions of this policy during new student and employee orientations.
    2. External organizations, visitors and independent contractors are to be notified of the policy in advance by their primary campus contact. Failure to comply may disqualify them from future use of the campus.
    3. Managers and supervisors are responsible for keeping employees informed.


  1. All employees are authorized and encouraged to communicate and reinforce this policy with courtesy and diplomacy to any person whom they see violating the policy.
    1. Compliance with the policy is the responsibility of all members of the BCCC campus community. Violation of the policy by faculty and staff will result in appropriate disciplinary action in accordance with established Human Resources guidelines
    2. Studentsreported to be in violation of the College Code due to use of prohibited tobacco products or e-cigarettes will be charged and sanctioned by the process detailed within the College Code of Conduct.
    3. Visitors or other non-employees will be politely informed of any policy violation and provided with information explaining the policy in a supportive and educational manner.   Anyone in violation of the Bucks Clean Air Zone will be asked to cease smoking or using e-cigarettes.   Any who refuse to do so may be asked to leave campus.

Approved by the Board of Trustees June 12, 2014

Code of Conduct

View the Code of Conduct page.