Centurion Newspaper Nabs another Dozen Statewide Awards

Student publication picks up 12 Keystone Press Awards, including first-place finishes in several categories, bringing tally to 5 dozen since 2010.

Five dozen awards now grace the walls of the newsroom at the Centurion, Bucks County Community College’s student newspaper, after the staff took home another 12 Student Keystone Press Awards this year from the Pennsylvania News Media Association Foundation. That brings the total to 60 awards since 2010 that the newspaper has won in the two-year college division of the statewide contest.

According to Professor Tony Rogers, coordinator of the journalism program at Bucks, the Centurion swept the top category, general news, took the two top spots in public service/enterprise reporting, won best website and layout and dominated in other categories, including ongoing news coverage and sports.

“They won for stories about a bomb scare on campus, budget cuts, and a former Bucks student being the first to wed after a same-sex marriage law was passed in New Jersey,” Rogers explained. “They won first place for a package of stories called ‘The Lies of Our Parents,’ in which they wrote about the challenges their generation faces - a sluggish economy, growing student loan debt, and the prospect of not doing better than their parents' generation.”

Rogers says the results bode well for the future of news reporting.

“I think this says young people are very excited about journalism - both print and online - and are willing to overcome a lot of obstacles - classes, outside jobs and so on - to produce top-notch work,” said Rogers. “And I think they understand that journalism is about more than learning to use some software program or new gadget. It's about solid reporting and writing, first and foremost.”

The Centurion’s award-winning website and reporting can be found here.

Rogers will be teaching News Reporting & Writing, Newspaper Editing, and Public Affairs Reporting this fall.  Classes begin August 27.  For more information on the journalism program, contact Rogers at 215-968-8165 or bucksjournalism@gmail.com, or visit the program's website. For information about applying to Bucks, call 215-968-8100.



Centurion staffers (from left) Timothy Zenno, Brian Kelley and Kelly Armstrong display a few of the dozen Keystone Press Awards earned by the newspaper run by students at Bucks County Community College.




The following awards were won by Bucks County Community College’s Centurion student newspaper in the 2014 Student Keystone Press Awards Contest, two-year college division, presented by the Pennsylvania News Media Association Foundation.

General News

  • First Place: “Bomb scare at Bucks,” Brian Kelley
  • Second Place: “Former Bucks student is first to wed following passage of same-sex marriage law in NJ,” Sydney Tasey
  • Honorable Mention: “Terror at 200 feet,” Craig Miller, Kelly Armstrong, Victoria O’Reilly

Ongoing News Coverage

  • Second Place: “Budget cuts, tuition, enrollment,” Courtney Flach, Erich Martin, Michael Girton

Public Service/Enterprise Package

  • First Place: “The lies of our parents,” Anthony DiMattia, Luther Anderson, Kelly Armstrong, Robert Knuckles
  • Second Place: “Modular problem,” Erich Martin

Feature Story

  • Honorable Mention: “The voice of Schuler,” Stephen Godwin Jr.

Sports Story

  • Second Place: “Centurions finish off at home in style,” Stephen Godwin Jr.
  • Honorable Mention: “The Eagles success this season hinges on defense,” Brian Kelley

Feature Photo

  • First Place: “Charlie XCX comes to Bucks,” Kelsei Toth

Layout and Design

  • First Place: Front page of issue, Kelly Armstrong, Erich Martin


  • First Place: Centurion website, staff


Jean Dolan
Assistant Director, Public Relations