Center for Workforce Development Expands Customized Training

Leadership Academy programs have enhanced employees’ skills at Fred Beans Automotive and Lower Bucks Hospital.

Bucks County Community College, well known for transforming lives through higher education, has expanded its role in transforming workplaces by launching its Leadership Academy customized training.

The college’s Center for Workforce Development (CWD) recently held two graduations for the first classes. Seventeen employees of Fred Beans Automotive Group, based in Doylestown, completed the program, while at Lower Bucks Hospital in Bristol, 18 employees took part in the training.

Dan Loeper, director of business development for the CWD, says employees who have gone through the 12-week training program return to the workplace with renewed energy, attitude, and enhanced personal growth. The program developed and enhanced the participants’ capabilities in major areas of leadership accountability, communication, and conflict management.

“Participants have reported that they’ve already made a positive impact, not only in their careers, but with their families and community,” said Loeper. “We applaud the Fred Beans and Lower Bucks Hospital organizations for making this investment in the future leaders of their companies.” 

In fact, both companies will be offering another round of Leadership Academy training through the college for more employees in the new year, Loeper added. The college worked with leaders at each firm to be sure the curriculum and content of the course fit each company’s needs.

“Partnership is one of the tenets of the Center for Workforce Development at Bucks,” said Loeper. “By working closely with businesses, we are able to provide a platform of knowledge, expertise, and resources for organizations, impacting their business and their lives, and bringing changes to the community.”

To learn more about how the Center for Workforce Development can help your business reach its goals, contact Dan Loeper at 215-968-8268 or More information is also available at

 Fred Beans (left), founder and CEO of Fred Beans Group, shakes hands with Bucks instructor Tom Rhoades at a graduation ceremony for the Fred Beans Leadership Academy. Joining in the celebration are (from second left-right) Beth Beans-Gilbert of Fred Beans Group, and Lauren Loeffler, Executive Director of the Center for Workforce Development.  Bucks County Community College Vice President Barbara Miller (left) congratulates Peter Adamo (right), CEO of Lower Bucks Hospital, at a graduation ceremony for the Lower Bucks Hospital Leadership Academy. Joining in the celebration are (from second left-right) Lauren Loeffler and Dan Loeper of the Center for Workforce Development, and college instructor Tom Rhoads. 

Jean Dolan
Assistant Director, Public Relations