Bucks Moves Up Registration Deadline to Promote Student Success

Students must choose full-term, 15-week courses by August 26, although schedule changes can still be made.

Imagine missing the entire first week of your new job. Trying to learn new tasks and catch up can seem impossible, your supervisor may not have time to help, and you are more likely to quit out of frustration.

That’s what college is like for many students who register late.

With that in mind, in an effort to boost student success, Bucks County Community College is implementing an earlier registration deadline beginning with the fall semester.

“Studies have shown that students who register on time are more likely to succeed in college,” explained Barbara Yetman, the college’s vice president of student affairs. “The first week of class is vital to keeping students on target for the course, and ultimately for the semester.”

Students must register by Monday August 26 for a wide slection of approximately 1,800 classes that run from August 28 to December 16.

“We’d like to emphasize that on-time is the only way to register for the fall semester,” added Yetman. “The college no longer accepts late registration for any course.”

That means no registration will be accepted during the first week of the 15-week fall term, or August 28 to September 3. However, students already registered for fall courses will be able to adjust their schedules.

Registration re-opens for later-starting courses on September 4. More than 80 face-to-face course-sections are scheduled to begin the week of September 16 to accommodate those who miss the August 26 registration deadline. In addition, dozens of accelerated courses are slated to begin the week of October 7 and November 4.  Registration deadlines for these late-starting courses are September 14, October 5, and November 2, respectively.

Bucks is an affordable way to begin your college degree, offering nearly 80 programs of study at only $123 a credit for county residents. Registration can be completed online.  For further information, contact Admissions at 215-968-8100 or admissions@bucks.edu.

Jean Dolan
Assistant Director, Public Relations