Dr. Shanblatt Outlines Vision at Presidential Convocation

The College’s new leader announces plans to focus on student success, increase graduation rates, and more.

Dr. Stephanie Shanblatt Officials at Bucks County Community College honored Dr. Stephanie Shanblatt, who became the college’s fourth president last October, with a convocation ceremony Tuesday, January 22.

At the event, held for faculty and staff during in-service before the start of spring semester classes, Shanblatt outlined her future vision for the public, two-year college.

“Every once in a while, we are given an opportunity to be a part of something important, something that touches peoples’ lives, that makes a difference,” said Shanblatt. “I feel that opportunity is right here, right now, for all of us as a part of this vibrant institution, poised to mark a half-century of touching lives in Bucks County.”

Shanblatt described efforts to craft a strategic plan with a primary focus on student success. Among the initiatives are:

  • Implement the Voluntary Framework of Accountability, launched last year by the American Association of Community Colleges, which uses nationally defined measurements to assess areas such as student progress and achievement
  • Increase students’ course success, transfer, and retention rates by 5% each, and associate degree graduation rate by 10%
  • Create an Honors Program, “demonstrating to our community what we already know – that we can deliver a challenging, high quality academic experience, encouraging our top students to reach even higher.”
  • Hold monthly open forums for faculty and staff to begin new conversations about shared topics of interest about the college

Shanblatt also mentioned fiscal challenges, stating that the college will have to “add and subtract at the same time,” while moving forward strategically and continuing to maintain facilities.

“I am delighted to be at the helm of this wonderful college, and look forward to sharing our pride with our greater community,” Shanblatt added.  “We share our commitment to our students and to learning.” 

SGA President Michael Blow, BCCC President Stephanie Shanblatt, Faculty Union President John Strauss, County Commissioner Diane Marseglia  

Student Government Association President Michael Blow, Dr. Shanblatt, Faculty Federation President John Strauss, and Bucks County Commissioner Diane Marseglia.

 Barbara Yetman, Dr. Shanblatt, Andrew Lawlor, Annette Conn, Dennis Matthews, and Barbara Miller  

Vice President Barbara Yetman, Dr. Shanblatt, Vice President Andrew Lawlor, Provost Annette Conn, Vice President Dennis Matthews, and Vice President Barbara Miller.

Jean Dolan
Assistant Director, Public Relations