Bucks Professor Publishes Book on William Henry Harrison

Hendrik Booraem V has written Child of the Revolution, his fifth book.

Bucks County Community College professor, author, and scholar Hendrik Booraem V has written Child of the Revolution: William Henry Harrison and His World, 1773-1798.

Published by Kent State University Press, the book touches upon the formative years of the man who became the ninth president of the United States. Booraem spent years studying letters, diaries, documents, and recollections to recreate military life as Lieutenant Harrison experienced it: the food, the uniforms, the hardships, the baffling encounters with the natives, as well as the texture of social relations between officers and men, military and civilians, and men and women.

Booraem, who has written five books, including biographies about Calvin Coolidge, James Garfield, and Andrew Jackson, said he prefers to research the lives of lesser-known presidents.

“Presidents like Washington, Lincoln, and Kennedy have had dozens of good biographers,” Booraem explains. “From the standpoint of finding new facts and putting together a more accurate history of a man’s early life, there's much more to be gained by studying the ones other biographers have ignored.”

Child of the Revolution is available in the College bookstore, open Monday through Friday on the campus at 275 Swamp Rd., Newtown, Pa.  For more information, call 215-968-8277.

Jean Dolan
Assistant Director, Public Relations