Technical Specifications

Bucks County Community College
Prepared May, 2011
Technical Director: Jonathan Lee 
Production Office: (215)968.8087

House / Stage Box

  • Proscenium Stage - Proscenium  Width 44'  Height 19’.  Plaster Line to Back Wall 25’.
  • Plaster Line to apron edge 7’5”
  • Apron Width 63'5".
  • Wing Space is Limited.  Stage Right 6’ Stage Left 9’.
  • Stage Deck is HD masonite sheet 4x8.
  • No trap use. US and CS.
  • College does not provide ballet floor (Marley) other than through contractual arrangement.
  • All electrics and masking battens are dead hung.  Heights vary (see elevation), minimum 11'9".
  • Facility is not equipped with counter-weighted fly lines.
  • Stage has no fly space.
  • Permanent stairs from apron right and left.
  • House has 330 fixed seats + 9 handicap access positions in Row N
  • No oversell or SRO - Fire codes prohibit SRO audience.  Maximum occupancy at all times 335 people.
  • Seating is numbered.
  • House is raked, with continental seating.
  • Performer crossover behind soft cyc with crossover lighting controlled by switch on upstage wall.
  • Backstage AC is limited to (2) 20A circuits.
  • AC outlets located in both wings.
  • Additional 15A AC circuit and outlets located in house under apron.
  • Work lights controlled by switch on stage left and stage right wall or from control booth.
  • Main rag on a fixed rate motorized pull.
  • Trim-to-trim is approximately 17 seconds.  There is no manual override.
  • Facility is on computer zone climate control. No manual control of air handlers.
  • Three exit doors at rear of house.  Direct egress from apron stage right in emergency.
  • Fire extinguishers prominently located throughout facility.  C02 extinguishers stage left at patch panel and down stage right wing.

Soft Goods

  • 6 black legs 16'xl6’ on tracks.  (No full coverage to CS)
  • Full black traveler upstage. (Full coverage just DS of soft cyc)
  • Full US soft white cyc
  • Teasers trimmed at a varied heights minimum 11’9”
  • Electric Main Drape is cranberry and parts at center. (17 sec move time – single speed).
  • Drape is motor driven and controlled from booth. NO manual pull.
  • Movie screen is front projection height 20’, width 18’.  Screen falls 6’ upstage of plaster line.
  • Movie screen is motorized and controlled from booth. Single speed at approx 28 sec.

Lighting control

  • ETC/Strand installation, 1999.
  • (227) 2.4K dimmers (Combination of ETC Sensor, ETC L86 and Strand CD80 racks)
  • Box Booms and balcony rail operate on (12) 2.4K (ETC L86)  dimmers.
  • ETC Insight (Series III) console.

Lighting Inentory

The following instruments are permanently hung for rep plot and are subject to change per Tech Director only.  No rehang/focus/color is permitted without prior agreement with TD.

FOH: Dimmer(s) 1 thru 30

  • 10)AtlZoom 20/40 1K
  • 12)Source 4 / 26
  • 2) Source 4 / 50

1st Electric: Dimmer(s) 43 thru 72

  • 12) Source Four 36
  • 2nd ELECTRIC: Dimmer(s) 73 thru 102
  • 12) Source Four 36

3rd Electric: Dimmer(s) 103 thru 132

  • 12) Source Four 36

4th Electric: Dimmer(s) 133 thru 162

  • Open

Box Boom: Dimmers 35 thru 42

  • HL:           8) Century 6 x 9 with stepped lenses: No gobo slots
  • HR:          8) Century 6 x 9 with stepped lenses: No gobo slots

Balcony Rail: Dimmers 31 thru 34

  • HL:           2)AltZoom 20/40
  • HR:          2)AltZoom 20/40

Hi-Side Ladders: Dimmer(s) 163 thru 186

  • SL: 6)Par 64
  • SL: 2)Source 4 / 50
  • SR:6)Par 64
  • SR:2)Source 4 / 50

Lighting Notes

  • FOH beam is very HIGH at approximately 60 degrees.
  • All electrics follow FOH into HIGH, sixty-degree focus.

Audio Overview

  • Console: Mackie 24Ch
  • Mains: HL / HR - JBL full range cabinet ~ Center cluster – JBL Passive 3-Way splayed cabinet(s) x 2
  • Power Amps: QSC
  • Monitors: (2) JBL deck wedges available upon request.  (No loft mounted monitors)
  • (5) Shure SM - 58 with various cable runs
  • Boom Stands
  • CD Player in booth

Audio Notes

  • No AD Amp available
  • House acoustics are excellent / light slap.
  • 16 Channel Snake can be pulled from SR to CS
  • No returns on audio snake, ¼” or otherwise.
  • DMX may return on the audio snake if necessary.

Dressing Rooms

  • 1 dressing room located backstage to accommodate 4-6 performers.  Fluorescent lighting, counters, mirrors and chairs.  Hot and cold running water in adjacent room.
  • Restrooms located down the hall and shared with public.
  • 1 dressing room (available only upon request) 1 full flight down accommodates 10-12 performers includes private bathroom.
  • Paint shop can serve as additional dressing area.
  • No showers

Additional Equipment

  • Additional equipment is available for use ONLY through prior arrangement.
  • Yamaha grand piano and rehearsal upright piano available through prior arrangement.
  • Basic hand tools and stage hardware are available at the discretion of the tech director.
  • Campus cafeteria open during regular day and evening class hours.  Vending machines are accessible at off hours.
  • Smoking, food & beverages are strictly prohibited on stage, backstage and in the house.
  • Crew consists of Tech Director only, other than through contractual agreement.

Access to Building / Parking

  • Loading dock door is 10’ wide x 12’ high and 3’2” above ground level.
  • Loading dock area is a township fire zone. 
  • After load - in, all vehicles must be immediately moved to the visitor's parking (see map) unless arranged directly with security.
  • Parking in fire lanes, fire zones and area designated as “RESERVED”  is strictly prohibited.

Campus Security

  • Security officers can be reached at 968-8394 or 8395 24 hrs., or through emergency radio phones prominently located in parking lots A-D indicated by blue lights.
  • Officers will offer assistance upon call.
  • Security officers are in direct contact with local police and ambulance.
  • Security gates are locked by 11:30 PM.
  • All personal must exit the facility by 11:00 PM.
  • Under no circumstance will a rehearsal or performance be permitted to continue beyond 11:00 PM.

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