Tree to Form

Artmobile's 2011 - 2013 exhibition, Tree to Form, explored the use of wood as a medium for creative expression.  Organized in collaboration with the Center for Art in Wood, it featured more than 30 objects made by artists from around the world as well as interactive displays for all ages.

For Teachers & Parents

To make our educational materials more user-friendly for teachers, and available for parents as well, we have eliminated printed manuals in favor of this interactive website.

For Students

If you enjoyed your Artmobile visit, have some fun with us here! Click below for wood games online, projects to make and videos that you may have missed when you saw the exhibit.

Learning in Artmobile

Our professional Artmobile Educator met each class and engaged students in a dialogue about the art. They learned about the nature of wood, the distinctive qualities of different species and where they originate. Students encountered a variety of woodworking techniques – such as turning, carving, burning and painting – and gained an understanding of their expressive qualities.

As with all Artmobile exhibitions, Tree to Form featured strong interactive components that reinforced the concepts presented by our Educator. Through them, students had opportunities to experiment with the each principle presented and deepen their understanding.

Students encountered a multisensory experience as our Educator demonstrated wood turning on a lathe in Artmobile. There were a variety of wood objects to pick up and hands-on displays, such as a wooden model of a lathe for students to handle and explore. Through the use of iPads located throughout the exhibit, students had the option to select among a variety of videos and activities that reinforce and expand on concepts presented in the exhibition.

Artmobile toured Tree to Form
from September 2011 to June 2013

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