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Frequently Asked Questions

Q:   What is Artmobile?
A:   Artmobile is an art museum on wheels. It travels throughout Bucks County visiting schools and public sites from September through June.

Q:   Can the public visit Artmobile?
A:   Artmobile is open to the public at a variety of locations throughout our tour. See our 2013-2015 "A Fine Line" Itinerary‌.

Q:   How can I get Artmobile to come to my site?
A:   Complete our Visit Request Form‌, call or email us.

Q:   When is information about a new exhibition available?
A:   Information regarding the upcoming exhibition is posted on our website as soon as available.  In February, request packets are mailed to all the schools in the county. Bookings for Artmobile are made on a first come, first served basis.

Q:   Does Artmobile cost anything to have at our school or location?
A:   Yes, the fee is based on the number of days Artmobile is open at your location: $500 for up to two (2) days and $100 for each additional day. This fee covers only a portion of the cost to bring Artmobile to you.

Q:   Are there any subsidies for schools in need?
A:   Yes! We are fortunate to be able to offer subsidies through the support Artmobile receives from business donors through the Pennsylvania Educational Improvement Tax Credit Program (EITC).

Q:   When is payment required?
A:   Payment is required three weeks prior to our visit.

Q:   How is the length of the visit at our school determined?
A:   Because classes visit Artmobile individually, the length of our stay is determined by the number of classes attending.

Q:   How many classes can attend Artmobile in a day?
A:   On average, six classes a day.

Q:   Does Artmobile determine the class schedule?
A:   Class schedules are planned by the school. We will accommodate your school's hours. We will supply a template and work within the parameters of your school's schedule.

Q:   What is the average length of a class visit to Artmobile?
A:   At least 45-60 minutes is recommended for most classes.  Thirty minutes is appropriate for kindergarten. Also, a 30-60 minute lunch period is required for the Artmobile Educator.

Q:   Why must classes start late on the first day and end early on the last day?
A:   On the first day, we ask that classes begin after 10 a.m. to assure that your electrician and our educator have sufficient time to set up and make sure the facility is running smoothly. On the last day, classes must end by 2:30 p.m., to enable your electrician to disconnect the power by the end of his or her normal work day.

Q:   Do we give the class schedule to the Artmobile Educators when they arrive?
A:   We require that the class schedule be sent to the Artmobile office three weeks prior to your visit. If there are subsequent changes to the schedule, a copy of the revised schedule should be sent to the Artmobile office ASAP. As a confirmation, the Educator will request a copy of the class schedule on the first day of our visit.

Q:   Do I have to draw the parking map or can I just tell you?
A:   You must draw the map with as much pertinent information as possible. Our trucker will use the map to determine the placement of Artmobile at your site. Remember to be clear, because re-positioning the trailer will result in an additional charge and the loss of one day in the schedule.

Q:   When does the parking map need to be returned?
A:   We ask that you return the parking map with the class schedule, at least three weeks prior to our visit..

Q:   Is Artmobile accessible to those with mobility constraints?
A:   Yes, Artmobile is equipped with a lift in the back of the trailer.

Q:   Do I have to pay to see Artmobile at a public site?
A:   No, entrance to Artmobile is always free.

Q:   Does Artmobile exhibit BCCC student work?
A:   No, the work exhibited is always that of professional artists.

Q:   Is there a different exhibition every year?
A:   Generally, yes, although exhibitions have been held over for a second year on occasion to accommodate all of the schools requesting a visit.

Q:   Does Artmobile ever travel out of Bucks County?
A:   As part of Bucks County Community College we are committed to serving our community. However, we have traveled to Washington D.C., Winterthur Museum and Country Estate in Delaware, and the Suburban Home Show in Fort Washington, PA for conferences and special events.

Q:   How is Artmobile funded?
A:   Artmobile is funded through grants from the Pennsylvania Council on the Arts and the National Endowment for the Arts.  Additional support has come from private and corporate donations.

Q:   How can I make a donation to Artmobile?
A:   All donations are tax deductible and can be made online or by contacting the Bucks County Community College Foundation. Be sure to specify that your gift is for Artmobile.

The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania recently approved the Bucks County Community College Foundation as an educational improvement organization under the Educational Improvement Tax Credit Program (EITC).  Support through this program has enabled Artmobile to subsidize visits to schools in need.