Videos seen in Artmobile

A Fine Line features several short videos of Gabriel Franklin and Sarah Peoples discussing their work.

Gabriel Franklin: On Becoming an Artist

Gabriel Franklin reveals the events that led him to become an artist.


Gabriel Franklin: The Journals

Gabriel Franklin shows pages from his journal and reflects on his inspiration for "What Do You See #6" on view in Artmobile.


Sarah Peoples: On Becoming an Artist

Reflecting on her childhood, Sarah Peoples reveals her desire to become an artist.


Sarah Peoples: The Machine

Sarah Peoples explains how the collage drawing seen in Artmobile of "The Machine" helped her to work out her ideas for the finished sculpture.


Sarah Peoples: Using Drawing to Develop Ideas for Sculpture

Using a chalkboard, Sarah Peoples demonstrates how she develops her ideas for a sculpture.


Sarah Peoples: At the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Art

Sarah Peoples discusses several of her pieces displayed at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts in July 2013.

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