Teacher Resources

Prepare your students

In the week or so preceeding Artmobile's visit, generate excitement by sharing a daily quote from Quotes on Drawing. They can be read during morning announcements or used as short writing prompts. Engage students by incorporating one or more of the pre-visit activities found in our teacher manuals into your curriculum.

Teacher Manuals

‌Our Teacher Manuals provide all you will need to plan stimulating and effective lessons relating to Artmobile's visit to your school. They provide background information about the exhibition as well as pre-visit and post-visit classroom activities in Language Arts and Art. All of the activities are easily adapted for your students and directly correlate to either the Common Core State Standards for Language Arts or the Pennsylvania Arts and Humanities Standards.

Teacher Manual, Grades K - 5
Teacher Manual, Grades 6 - 12

Slide Show

Some of the post-visit activities in our manuals require students to refer to what they saw in Artmobile. A Fine Line slide show includes images of all of the artworks in the exhibition. It is arranged in alphabetical order, by artist's last name.‌


Since students never have enough time in Artmobile to view all of the artist videos, they are available here. Videos seen in Artmobile


Post-visit activities found in our Teacher Manual will help your students synthesize what they have learned in Artmobile with your curriculum.  Encourage your students to visit our website to view any of the videos they may have missed during their visit and to see images of the artworks. Then complete an Evaluation Form and mail it to Artmobile, Bucks County Community College, 275 Swamp Road, Newtown, PA 18940. Your feedback is important to us.