A Fine Line: Observation, Discovery & Expression in Drawing

‌Artmobile’s current exhibition features 63 drawings by 22 accomplished artists. It presents exquisite finished drawings as well as sketches, doodles and working drawings. It is our hope that the exhibition will encourage you to look for opportunities to sketch during note-taking, make picture stories to aid memorization, create diagrams for problem-solving or connecting concepts, and use the act of drawing to build observation skills and stimulate writing.

For Teachers

  • Teacher's Manual, K-5
  • Teacher's Manual, 6-12
  • Educational Resources

For Students

  • A Fine Line artworks
  • Videos seen in Artmobile

Tour Information

Artmobile will tour A Fine Line from September 2013 through June 2015. Everyone is welcome to visit Artmobile at any of the public sites on our 2013-2015 "A Fine Line" Itinerary. We are booking now for September 2014 through June 2015. Click on Planning a Visit for information on how to have Artmobile come to your school or public site.