Artmobile is an art museum for all ages housed in a 48-foot semi trailer. It travels throughout Bucks County from September to June, visiting all 13 school districts and many public sites.

Planting Seeds: The Art & Science of Pollination (opening in September 2017) integrates fine art with local environmental research and habitat issues. Inspired by habitat restoration project underway at nearby Tyler State Park, the exhibit features artists and scientists who work to increase awareness of pollinators in our environment, the threats to their habitat loss, and the consequences of diminished populations. Planting Seeds is based on STEAM (STEM + Art) principles – that Art & Design can drive innovation in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math, and that interdisciplinary approaches are necessary to solve our most pressing environmental problems. The exhibit and accompanying educational materials are appropriate for all ages and feature a wide range of methods and media – such as infographics and data visualizations, botanical illustration, micro-photography, and video.