Parking and Security


Parking is available in student lots A, B, C, D and E. Parking for persons with disabilities is available in various areas and lots around campus. Please see the Campus Map. Guests dropping off persons with disabilities may do so on the Northwest side of the building (driveway nearest Gateway Center), and then park in the student lots.

Handicapped parking is available in various areas and lots throughout campus. The gymnasium lobby is accessible via all parking areas on campus. Seating for wheelchair bound persons is available at the end of each row; however, if you or another guest requires special H/C seating accessibility, this should be coordinated prior to commencement through the office of Student Life Programs at 215-968-8257 or


Security and Safety personnel will be on hand to provide direction, assist persons with disabilities, and provide emergency and medical assistance if needed. Additionally, you can contact Security and Safety at (215)968-8395 or at on campus Ext. 8395.

For the safety of the graduates and their guests, only ticketed personnel may enter the gymnasium. Entry is possible only through the lobby. Any person exiting the gymnasium must be in possession of their ticket stub, and must re-enter through the lobby doors. Re-entry will not be allowed through any other door in the gymnasium.

Due to fire safety regulations, a limited number of seats are available in the gymnasium for graduates and their guests. Once the seating capacity is reached, guests will be directed to the remote telecast our our new video wall located in the Linksz Pavilion. The Linksz Pavilion is located right in front of the gymnasium.

Smoking on Campus

Bucks considers itself a Clean Air Community. No smoking is allowed inside or around any of our campus buildings. Persons wishing to smoke are only permitted to do so in parking lots A, B, C, D, E, F.