Nursing Program Pinning Ceremony

Image of nursing pin  

Wednesday, May 17, 2017
Time: 6:00 pm
Gymnasium, Newtown Campus

Modern day Nursing Pinning Ceremonies originated in the 1860's.

By 1916, the practice of graduate nurses receiving pins that reflected their alma mater was well established. The first BCCC nursing pinning ceremony took place in 1971, 20 graduates received their nursing pins. The tradition continues today at Bucks County Community College in the Associate Degree Nursing Program with 90 graduates receiving their pins this year. Although the class dress and demographics have changed over the years, the immense pride the graduates feel remains the same. Over 3400 students have graduated from the associate degree nursing program and received their pins in this time honored manner.

The BCCC nursing pin was designed by Elizabeth V. Winpenny.

The wreath around the circular pin symbolizes unity, while the keystones separating the school name denotes Pennsylvania. The Florence Nightingale lamp in the middle represents nursing. The stars behind the lamp symbolize the heavens and unconquered goals.

Bucks County Community College Traditions

The Pinning Ceremony is always held the night before college wide graduation Nursing Faculty and selected Associate Degree nursing alumni pin the nurse graduates The Distinguished speaker is often a graduate of the program Nursing Faculty and all nurses in attendance are invited to renew their dedication to the profession by reading along with the new Graduates as they recite the International Nursing Pledge. A Nursing IV student passes a lighted Nightingale lamp to a Nursing II student to pass on the flame of learning.

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