Wellness Programs

For specific assistance to suite your individual goals call or stop in the Wellness Center to make an appointment.

Wellness Center Training Program

The Wellness Center strives to assist individuals in taking control of their own health and fitness. This is accomplished through progressive, hands-on coaching geared towards education and self-motivation. In the Wellness Center YOU are the focus!!!

Some attractive features of the Training Program include the following:

  • Strength Program development
  • Progressive program modification
  • Health Coaching and Education
  • On-going support, motivation, and guidance

The Wellness Center is for everyone. Whether you have a health condition, or other physical concerns, you will undoubtedly benefit from a program designed to meet your specific needs, while safely and effectively giving you the results you desire.  Make the Wellness Center a part of your lifestyle.

BCCC Strength & Conditioning for Varsity Athletics

The focus of a successful Strength & Conditioning Program lies in injury prevention and sports enhancement. Centurion Strength & Conditioning leaves the development of sports skills to the sports coaching staff. Our strength and conditioning goal is to physically develop an athlete or athletic team to their maximum potential. Our strength-training program targets all muscle groups in every direction possible.  We aim to maximize the shortest time possible to elicit the greatest gains, leaving the athlete sufficient time to rest, recover and practice sports specific skills.  We strive to enable athletes to perform their sports specific skills with increased capacity for power, strength, speed, endurance and most importantly, with less incidence of injury.

Lifestyle and Weight Management Consultation

If your goals involve lifestyle changes and weight management, the Wellness Center offers consultation. Losing or maintaining weight requires a combination of good nutrition, regular exercise, progressive overload and mental commitment. You will learn how to utilize these tools to develop a sound, balanced weight management program that will ultimately lead to success.

The Wellness Center's atmosphere makes for an enjoyable and friendly experience. Private counseling is provided with the focus being on you. All questions and concerns will be answered as you move on your way toward meeting your goals, becoming self-sufficient and taking charge of your health.