How to Purchase Tickets

Purchasing Ticket Information:

  • Using the online ticketing system allows you to print the tickets at home and quickly complete your order.  
  • You will use a login for ticket purchases.  The first (and only) time you use the system you will be asked to set up your account.
  • Tickets can also be obtained on the Newtown Campus, Rollins Student Center, in the Educational Enrichment Programs Office, Rollins 122 (by the Testing Center).
  • Please call ahead to be sure someone is available in the office at 215-968-8015

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Trip Disclosure Statement and Consent:

  • By purchasing tickets online you are consenting to the Trip Disclosure Statement as follows: In consideration of approval to participate in the trips offered by Bucks County Community College (“BCCC”) and the Bucks Trips and Travel Club (“TTC”), I hereby release and forever hold harmless BCCC and SCC, their directors, officers, employees, representatives and student representatives from responsibility for lost or stolen property or bodily injury resulting at any point during the trip or transportation.
  • I accept full responsibility for my actions.
  • I understand that each trip the bus will be leaving designated venues at specified times and that should I not arrive before those times the bus will leave the venue without me.
  • I fully acknowledge that I am responsible for any costs or inconvenience incurred in obtaining my own transportation home. In addition, I understand that during the course of each trip I am responsible for following all guidelines regarding behavior dictated by BCCC, tour guides, bus drivers and other guides hired for the trips.
  • I understand that I will not be issued a monetary refund or given course credit for any trip during which, in the judgment of BCCC, tour guides, bus drivers or other guides, I violate these guidelines.

Poor Weather Procedure:‌

Trips go rain or shine!  If the college is closed due to bad weather, our trips are cancelled and a refund will be issued.  Check the homepage for school closing or delay information.  If in doubt, call 215-968-8015 on the morning of the trip to hear a recorded message as to the status of that day's trips.  Seven days notice is required for all refunds.

Departure and Return Information:

Departure times and locations are indicated on trip receipts that are issued upon payment. Times on the brochure/ ticket indicate exact departure time from BCCC and planned return to campus.

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