New Student Summer Orientation

What is New Student Summer Orientation?

  • New Student Summer Summer Oriention is designed for new students and parents/guardians to visit our campus and meet our department staff and services in a face-to-face setting.  
  • This is a fun and relaxed event.
  • Content will cover meeting key staff, Student Services and Clubs and Organizations Information Fair, Campus tours, Parent Workshop with our VP of Student Affairs, Food, Free Student Planner, lots of materials and literature. 
  • Each new student is encouraged to bring a parent/guest using the reservation form.
  • Sign up for a New Student Welcome Event now.

What to Expect

Meet our incredible Student Leaders
who will assist you in becoming familiar with Bucks. They were new students once and are a great resource for your questions. These students are top notch, full of energy and very willing to help you!

Meet the Bucks family.
We have designated staff members to help with your transition. Feel free to ask them questions; they are here to assist you.

Receive your complimentary copy of the Bucks Student Planner.
A MUST HAVE! This important resource is packed full of important information. It is your quick reference guide for information and is a tool you will use throughout your Orientation program.  Don’t be surprised if you are referring to it long into your college career, it's a keeper!

Learn about campus life!
There is a lot to know about the social life at Bucks! There are so many activities, clubs and organizations, leadership programs  and service opportunities to get involved in! 

Get refreshed!
We will have a fun reception for you!

Get your parking permit
Since we are a commuter campus, having a parking permit is vital. For your convenience, our Safety and Security Office will issue your parking permit at the end of New Student Orientation! You will need to have your vehicle registration card and something with your student number on it.

Get the tour.
Our Student Leaders will take you on a quick tour to familiarize you with campus facilities. If you need a more detailed tour, just ask and we will accomodate you at the end of the event.

Lots more when you attend!


Just contact the Student Life Programs Office at either or 215-968-8257.