Our Mission

The Student Life Programs mission is to offer a broad scope of inclusive educational domains for student learning and development.  We shall create experiential learning opportunities for our student body in College programming, volunteering/ community service, leadership development, and student clubs and organizations.  The Student Life Office has a responsibility to foster growth and development by providing co-curricular opportunities to maximize personal, social, and academic success.
The Athletic Program mission of Bucks County Community College Athletics is to provide a diverse offering of Intercollegiate and intramural athletic programs, encourage personal growth through experiential learning and offering support in areas of academic success, community service, leadership, sportsmanship and stewardship.

What we do every day...

  • Encourage every Bucks student to participate in any of our programs, activities, or student groups.
  • Work closely with all our campuses and coordinate a variety of programs and activities for the students of Bucks County Community College. 
  • Build school spirit and a stronger college community through college-wide events, community service project, student  leadership opportunities, and a diverse mix of student organizations.